Japan Association of Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology

JASMiRT (Japan Association of Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology,
Representative: Tsuyoshi Takada (Professor, The University of Tokyo)) was established in May 2016 to contribute more to future SMiRTs after Fukushima Daiichi NPP accident with support from and close collaboration with Atomic Energy Society of Japan (AESJ). JASMiRT is active to be a core organization responsible for integration of individual technologies and promotion of human capacity building related to structural mechanics in reactor technology as well as for nuclear safety against external hazards like earthquake. JASMiRT is also a liaison association to enhance collaboration among government, industry and academia in Japan. JASMiRT has contributed and will contribute to SMiRT activities cooperating with IASMiRT, AASMiRT and related organizations worldwide. JASMiRT is also willing to be a hub for cooperation among Asian countries in this field.
JASMiRT will host SMiRT27 (www.smirt27.com) to be held at Yokohama Japan in March 3-8, 2024. Information about SMiRT27 as well as sightseeing and guide map of Yokohama and so on is offered at JASMiRT booth during SMiRT26 conference. Please feel free to stop by JASMiRT booth and get the information you need.

Hiroshi Abe
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