Framatome GmbH

Framatome GmbH, based in Erlangen, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Framatome S.A.S. in France. A further location of the company is in Karlstein am Main.

The following holdings in Framatome S.A.S. are held by Électricité de France (EDF) S.A. (75.5%), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, LTD. (19.5%) and Assystem S.A. (5.0%).

he main activities of Framatome GmbH include:

- Development, design and manufacture of nuclear steam generation systems for nuclear power plants

- Nuclear engineering

- Electrical and safety control engineering

- Power plant services (maintenance and repair as well as dismantling and packaging of nuclear power plant components)

- Retrofitting and modernization of nuclear power plants

- Development, design and manufacture of fuel assemblies for pressurized water and boiling water reactors.

Framatome GmbH's most important sales markets are abroad (around 85 percent of all sales revenues) and depend on the location of current and new nuclear projects. At present, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, China and Brazil are particularly worthy of mention.

The following wholly owned subsidiary belongs to Framatome GmbH:

- Advanced Nuclear Fuels GmbH, Lingen (Ems)


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